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Zen Certified Tenkara Guide Program


Zen Certified Tenkara Guide and Shop Endorsement Program

In an effort to educate and share the sheer joy of the tenkara method for fly fishing, Zen Tenkara by Zen Fly Fishing Gear is offering a Zen Certified Tenkara Guide Program. Zen Certified Tenkara Guides will be trained during a 1 day workshop with 1 day on the water. You will learn about the origins and fundamentals of tenkara style fly fishing, about rods, lines and flies. You will then learn intermediate and advanced casting and landing techniques for both traditional and extreme tenkara rods. This course and certification is aimed at professionals who already fulfill the requirements of guiding in the state in which they intend to guide. All Zen Certified Tenkara Guides are expected to maintain current First Aid training as well as understand and practice excellent guide and stream etiquette. As a ZCTG you become an ambassador for Zen Tenkara/Zen Fly Fishing Gear Company and its products. Through this collaborative relationship, we work hard to support each other. Modern competition has created the need for guides to have an edge over their competitors to successfully support themselves. Zen Tenkara/Zen Fly Fishing Gear gives you that edge with its high quality equipment, stellar customer service, collaborative philosophy and its dedication to defining American Tenkara for diverse waters. By offering its customers a broad range of tenkara experiences, Zen is setting its own trends in the fishing industry. Through the Zen Certified Tenkara Guide (ZCTG) Program, Zen promises its clients professional standards, expertise, and integrity throughout all certification and endorsed operations. As a professional guide you must perform to the highest degree to make this promise a reality for the clients you will be guiding.

The Endorsed Shop and Certified Guide make up the total Zen Program. Endorsed Shops maintain a staff of guides while the independent guide, does his own guiding through a non-endorsed shop. The ZCTG program is in its initial year, starting with a small number of guides located in the Rocky Mountain area. The goal is to slowly expand the program across the globe and offer clients unique tenkara experiences.

There are two methods for becoming a Zen Certified Tenkara Guide. You may complete and pass the ZCTG training as an independent guide or you may complete and pass the ZCTG training by your affiliation with a Zen Endorsed Shop. While guiding goals and techniques may vary with different locations and operations, the basic rules of professional guiding applies to all Zen Certified Tenkara Guides regardless of location and operation. When Zen places their stamp on you as a Zen Certified Tenkara Guide your responsibilities to Zen Tenkara/Zen Fly Fishing Gear Company and to the guiding profession is to earn this honor through hard work, and professionalism.

Guide trainings are currently being offered three times per year during the months of April, May and September/October. Specific dates will be posted on the Zen calendar as they are set. The cost is $300 and registration is limited so that groups are very small and individual attention can be given. Training will take place in Loveland, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Pre-registration is required. To reserve your spot or for more specific information, please contact guides@zenflyfishinggear.com. Zen Endorsed Shops are those shopes that carry a full selection of Zen products and our rods. Zen Endorsed Shops are considered "full service" shops. They are knolwedgable of tenkara and Zen products. These shops also include our products on their website and meet the minimum annual inventory. For additional information and benefits, please contact us directly or by email at info.zenflyfishinggear.com.

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