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Zen Fly Fishing 3-in-1 Tenkara Spoolbox, by Jason Klass

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Over the long holiday weekend, I was able to catch up with my friend Karin Miller of Zen Flyfishing and got my hands on their new tenkara spoolbox. This is a really innovative piece of gear that is as beautiful as it is function.

It’s basically a round wooden box that can hold more flies than you’ll ever need for a day on the water, plus a slot to hold an extra line or tippet. You can also thread multiple tippet spools through the attached cord and then just store your extra line in the slot. There’s even an indented spot for a small label so you can identify which line is on the spool and fly drying patches of foam on the outside. Basically, if you’ve got this, a tenkara rod, and line clippers, you’re good to go.

I’m always impressed with how much innovation comes out of tenkara. To me, the Western fly fishing community seems to have become pretty stagnant but tenkara anglers have been continually inventing new things and pushing the boundaries of the sport through new gear and new techniques.

I have a special connection to this particular piece of gear though. It’s handcrafted by my friend Dave Burchett right here in Colorado. He used to make line spools for me when I had my online tenkara store and whether is a spool, a fly box, or a tying bench, I’m always enamoured with his work. This spoolbox is absolutely gorgeous with trout and the katakana for “tenkara” laser engraved on the plates. It’s also extremely ergonomic and just feels natural in your hand. I’m not sure which type of wood it’s made from but it’s extremely lightweight too. For something so compact, aesthetically beautiful, and versatile, this is a big win design-wise.

Bonefish Bonanza, Tenkara Style

It’s mid-July and I’m hunting around the bottom of my closet for fleece pants and wool socks. I’m heading to Alaska in less than a week and I’m excited but getting a little nervous since I’ve never been and I was invited there to fish and talk tenkara. It’s sort of surreal that its happening and the invitation only [...]

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Shark and Tarpon Tenkara

Today is a snowy, cold day in Colorado. I pulled out my Patagonia Stormfront Wet/Dry Duffel last night and started prepping for my upcoming trip to Las Pampas Lodge, Patagonia in a few weeks. I’m feeling extremely grateful these days as only two months ago I was able to fish with Scott Yetter, owner of Sight Fish Charters in the [...]

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The Making of a Tenkara Rod

I’ve always been a sucker for a really good rod. After fly fishing as a teenager and young adult with an Eagle Claw Trailmaster (which, by the way, was a pretty darned good way to begin), I started out with my old matched pair of venerable Fisher fly rods, one a 6’9” 3 WT, the other a [...]

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Margarhitaville Here I Come

The weather outside is changing and autumn is officially here, in fact, it arrived early in the morning on Thursday, September 22nd. And like clockwork, the sunshine had that warm golden hue to it and shadows were long. Darkness fell a little quicker and the night was noticeable colder.I was born, raised and lived in South Florida the [...]

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Suzume: Small Stream Versatility

I hit my local rugged, semi-desert canyons early yesterday with what I consider the most versatile small stream tenkara rod out there, our Suzume. This particular creek has deep bend pools, runs of riffles dotted with pocket water, and edges shaded by tall grass, cottonwoods, and willows. The quintessential small trout stream. [...]

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An Update on the American Tenkara Rod (Is that an Oxymoron?)

As you may or may not know, Zen Tenkara will be offering a new rod in the near future that will be making history. It will be the first-ever 100% American-made tenkara rod. Not only is this groundbreaking news, it’s (as our tag line states), “defining American tenkara,” for real.A ReviewZen is a small company and we have a [...]

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The “Sparrow” Suzume is Here

Talk about busy, these days, busy doesn’t come close to describing the Zen Team. We’re burning the midnight oil to bring you some really cool new products. The first was the Crosscurrent Chest Pack. Made right here in good’ole Colorado, USA. Streamline and bomb-proof, it’s the ultimate in efficiency and simplicity yet has 462 cu of storage. It’s a [...]

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Why Did I Get into Tying Flies?

Why did I get into tying my own flies? When I look around my tying area at all of the materials I have collected, the tools I have acquired, and the time I have dedicated to staring at my vise, this question is often contemplated. After all, there are tons of websites, local stores and friends [...]

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Bringing it Home

As you may or may not know, our tag line for Zen Tenkara is “defining American tenkara”. I’ve been asked exactly what that means and where we’re going as a company. Well, in this moment, I’ll attempt to tell you. We are anglers, fly men and women, passionate about what we do, how we do it and as it [...]

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