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2018 Summer Line Up

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It's been a while since we've posted a blog because we're just so darn busy - which is a good thing...a really, really good thing. Tenkara is finally assimilating into the fly fishing arena with more acceptance than ever before. Many of the stigmas that initially enveloped the method are slowly being shed for a broader appeal and less sterile approach. While there are many anglers and still some companies, out there preaching the one line, one fly, that attitude has soften and certainly Zen is known as leading that movement. 


As we head into the 2018 fishing season Zen is charged and ready to go. We have a calendar that's filling up with all kinds of exciting opportunities. 

If you can't catch us at one of these events, then by all means contact us directly if you ever have a question or need some advice on set-up. We're a people company run by real folks, making products for real people and servicing the very same. We're friendly, approachable, lots of fun, and like to help. 

Expedition Alaska, as published in Tenkara Angler Magazine, Fall 2017

Sitting down at my computer and sifting through emails can be a daunting chore. I have 5 different addresses to go through. But on one particular morning back in July, I had a surprise waiting in one of my inboxes. It was an invitation from Deneki Outdoorsto travel to Alaska and be a guest at Rapids Camp Lodge in King Salmon, [...]

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Zen Tenkara Floating Line, Reviewed by Jason Klass, TenkaraTalk.com

A few weeks ago, I met up with Karin Miller from Zen Flyfishing and she let me try out her new floating line along the banks of the Fall River in Estes Park, CO. I pretty much exclusively fish level fluorocarbon lines; however, there are situations in which I find a floating line works better [...]

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Zen Fly Fishing 3-in-1 Tenkara Spoolbox, by Jason Klass

Over the long holiday weekend, I was able to catch up with my friend Karin Miller of Zen Flyfishing and got my hands on their new tenkara spoolbox. This is a really innovative piece of gear that is as beautiful as it is function.It’s basically a round wooden box that can hold more flies than [...]

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Shark and Tarpon Tenkara

Today is a snowy, cold day in Colorado. I pulled out my Patagonia Stormfront Wet/Dry Duffel last night and started prepping for my upcoming trip to Las Pampas Lodge, Patagonia in a few weeks. I’m feeling extremely grateful these days as only two months ago I was able to fish with Scott Yetter, owner of Sight Fish Charters in the [...]

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The Making of a Tenkara Rod

I’ve always been a sucker for a really good rod. After fly fishing as a teenager and young adult with an Eagle Claw Trailmaster (which, by the way, was a pretty darned good way to begin), I started out with my old matched pair of venerable Fisher fly rods, one a 6’9” 3 WT, the other a [...]

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Margarhitaville Here I Come

The weather outside is changing and autumn is officially here, in fact, it arrived early in the morning on Thursday, September 22nd. And like clockwork, the sunshine had that warm golden hue to it and shadows were long. Darkness fell a little quicker and the night was noticeable colder.I was born, raised and lived in South Florida the [...]

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It Takes a Village

Zen is a small company. We don’t have huge backers or deep pockets. We’re a local, homegrown Colorado company and we care. We’re people, with families, with kids, with dogs, with all that goes with all of that. Zen can’t support foundations or sponsor huge events, but we do what we can do, because we care.Zen has donated time, [...]

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Suzume: Small Stream Versatility

I hit my local rugged, semi-desert canyons early yesterday with what I consider the most versatile small stream tenkara rod out there, our Suzume. This particular creek has deep bend pools, runs of riffles dotted with pocket water, and edges shaded by tall grass, cottonwoods, and willows. The quintessential small trout stream. [...]

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An Update on the American Tenkara Rod (Is that an Oxymoron?)

As you may or may not know, Zen Tenkara will be offering a new rod in the near future that will be making history. It will be the first-ever 100% American-made tenkara rod. Not only is this groundbreaking news, it’s (as our tag line states), “defining American tenkara,” for real.A ReviewZen is a small company and we have a [...]

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