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Pimp'en Tenkara Mobile

As spring opens up it’s no doubt a new fishing season is upon us. The phone is ringing, emails are flying, orders are coming in and shows and events are scheduled every weekend for the next two months. It’s a good problem to have so complaining, I’m not. To tell you the truth, it’s a blast.Between Elkhorn’s Spring Event, Front [...]

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Tenkara Winter Series Melts Away for a Year

The Tenkara Winter Series ended its inaugural year, I believe, on a high note. Looking back now, it amazes me we actually pulled it off, and did so with such grace and talent. Not my talent mind you, but that of our presenters. People like Paul Vertrees, Kirk Deeter and Chris Stewart along with fantastic photographers Kevin Fricke, Anthony [...]

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Tenkara taking off with fly fishing fans

By Dennis SmithPosted: 02/18/2015 08:03:38 PM MSTTV news anchors have nothing on fishermen when it comes to stretching the truth.More than 70 years ago, humorist Ed Zern observed, "Fishermen are born honest, but they get over it." And just last year, fishing writer John Geirach titled his latest book, "All Fishermen Are Liars." In fact, [...]

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We're Growing!

As August quickly approaches I’m forced to look back on another year and scream out ”OMG!” It’s been about two years since Zen got picked up by our very first retail shop, Mountain Anglers in Breckenridge, Colorado. Time flies when you’re working two jobs, running a business, designing products, doing demos, certifying guides and taking care of clients….it’s a busy little life we [...]

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Tenkara Goes Pro

Adam Omernick, co-owner of Zen Tenkara and Fly Fishing Gear has been invited to join the Pro Fly Angling (PFA) Tour and to compete on a professional level based on his angling resume. In an effort to educate others, Adam has committed to compete solely with tenkara rods in order to increase the awareness and acceptance of this efficient style [...]

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Reflections off the Water

Over the course of my years I’ve been compared to many things: I’ve been called “the other” Martha Stewart; a Bulldog – once I bite, my jaw locks and I don’t let go; and crazy. Most definitely I have a Type A personality and everyone that has crossed my path will agree, without any hesitation, that I am a [...]

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Riverworks ZX

It’s always interesting to try out new gear and push myself outside of my own comfort zone. I’m sure many of you are the same, in that we often find ourselves experimenting with new lines, flies, packs and rods. After maybe an hour or two though, we end up gravitating back towards our “tried and true”, putting the unfamiliar away [...]

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