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BIG News!

You may have noticed lately that Zen has been quieter than usual on the social media airways. That’s because we’ve been in deep contemplation and very busy planning an exciting new year. As the 2015 fishing season gradually winds down, Zen is revving up! Our first three years as a company have been an incredible journey and we have [...]

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Taking Pacific Salmon on a Tenkara Rod

Bob is the editor for the Rocky Mountain Flycaster, the Fort Collins chapter of Trout UnlimitedRocky Mountain FlyCasterAlthough I’m serving my third year as editor of The Flypaper, I’ve only published one article in the RMF newsletter. The regular contributors are competent and well-informed writers with lots to say. So, my job has been very [...]

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Just Breathe

This has been an unusual year for me. It began with the unexpected passing of my sister. She was 3 years my elder and the news came New Year’s Eve. Festivities came to a halt and I traveled to Ohio where she had lived for many years, to mourn, sort, pack and arrange. My birthday was a few [...]

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CarpKara All the Way!

In the very early start up years of tenkara, here in the United States, life was frustrating to say the least. Fly shops ran me out of their stores, anglers laughed at me when I spoke of tenkara, and even tenkara enthusiasts were often “unfriendly”. It was a difficult time for sure. If you mentioned tenkara, it was automatically [...]

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An Unexpected Gift

I recently spent the day fishing Rocky Mountain National Park with my family. We’re a busy bunch, always moving and doing. My son just came off of a 19 credit hours semester in college while simultaneously working a job and completing an internship. Just how much more can be squeezed into a 24 hour day? This summer he’s taking [...]

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Heaven on Earth

About a year ago I met a gentleman from Argentina. We talked of tenkara and of his home land. More specifically, we talked of the wondrous fishing opportunities Patagonia held and of the lodge he was a part of, Las Pampas Lodge.Then for many months, we never spoke again. But all the time I continued to think about [...]

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Why a Guide

With the growing interest in tenkara style fly fishing, is the growing need for knowledgeable, professional and skilled tenkara guides. Why you ask? Tenkara is simple and uncomplicated. Is there really a need for tenkara guides? The answer in my opinion is, yes . Let me spend the next few moments on this page telling you why.To begin, I [...]

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Pimp'en Tenkara Mobile

As spring opens up it’s no doubt a new fishing season is upon us. The phone is ringing, emails are flying, orders are coming in and shows and events are scheduled every weekend for the next two months. It’s a good problem to have so complaining, I’m not. To tell you the truth, it’s a blast.Between Elkhorn’s Spring Event, Front [...]

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Tenkara Winter Series Melts Away for a Year

The Tenkara Winter Series ended its inaugural year, I believe, on a high note. Looking back now, it amazes me we actually pulled it off, and did so with such grace and talent. Not my talent mind you, but that of our presenters. People like Paul Vertrees, Kirk Deeter and Chris Stewart along with fantastic photographers Kevin Fricke, Anthony [...]

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Tenkara taking off with fly fishing fans

By Dennis SmithPosted: 02/18/2015 08:03:38 PM MSTTV news anchors have nothing on fishermen when it comes to stretching the truth.More than 70 years ago, humorist Ed Zern observed, "Fishermen are born honest, but they get over it." And just last year, fishing writer John Geirach titled his latest book, "All Fishermen Are Liars." In fact, [...]

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