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Suzume: Small Stream Versatility

I hit my local rugged, semi-desert canyons early yesterday with what I consider the most versatile small stream tenkara rod out there, our Suzume. This particular creek has deep bend pools, runs of riffles dotted with pocket water, and edges shaded by tall grass, cottonwoods, and willows. The quintessential small trout stream. [...]

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An Update on the American Tenkara Rod (Is that an Oxymoron?)

As you may or may not know, Zen Tenkara will be offering a new rod in the near future that will be making history. It will be the first-ever 100% American-made tenkara rod. Not only is this groundbreaking news, it’s (as our tag line states), “defining American tenkara,” for real.A ReviewZen is a small company and we have a [...]

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The “Sparrow” Suzume is Here

Talk about busy, these days, busy doesn’t come close to describing the Zen Team. We’re burning the midnight oil to bring you some really cool new products. The first was the Crosscurrent Chest Pack. Made right here in good’ole Colorado, USA. Streamline and bomb-proof, it’s the ultimate in efficiency and simplicity yet has 462 cu of storage. It’s a [...]

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Why Did I Get into Tying Flies?

Why did I get into tying my own flies? When I look around my tying area at all of the materials I have collected, the tools I have acquired, and the time I have dedicated to staring at my vise, this question is often contemplated. After all, there are tons of websites, local stores and friends [...]

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Bringing it Home

As you may or may not know, our tag line for Zen Tenkara is “defining American tenkara”. I’ve been asked exactly what that means and where we’re going as a company. Well, in this moment, I’ll attempt to tell you. We are anglers, fly men and women, passionate about what we do, how we do it and as it [...]

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An Interview with Jason Klass, Tenkara Winter Series 2016 Presenter

Q: I've been involved with tenkara since 2009, and your website, Tenkara Talk, is one of the most comprehensive sources for tenkara info in the world. How did you get started on it? How did it evolve? What does the future hold for Tenkara Talk?Tenkara Talk actually started as an e-commerce [...]

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An Interview With Rob Worthing, Tenkara Winter Series 2016 Presenter

Rob, let me start by saying it’s great to have a fellow tenkara guide as a presenter! You and your partners at Tenkara Guides LLC in Salt Lake City, Utah, were among the first professional guides in North America. Tell me how you three got your start?Tenkara Guides was founded in 2011 by three fishermen with zero interest [...]

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Number 4 Out of 5 Fly Tyers: Meet Joe Egry

Joe Egry was born in Kansas, but has lived all over the United States including California, Virginia and North Dakota, fishing a lot of waters in between. He caught his first fish when he was two years old. Joe began fly fishing in 1990 and tying flies shortly after that. He started tying flies commercially [...]

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Meet Michael McFarland: Our 2nd Out of 5 Fly Tyers

Michael McFarlandMichael McFarland is one of our Zen Certified Tenkara Guides and he's also our Signature Fly Designer. Michael moved to Denver, Colorado about 10 years ago and really gravitated toward the Tenkara-style of fly fishing while routinely taking overnight camping trips in Rocky Mountain National Park. He's spent a great deal [...]

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Introducing Jason Haddix: Our 3rd Fly Tyer at the Tenkara Winter Series

Jason Haddix, originally a native of Illinois, resides in Wellington, Colorado. Having moved to Colorado at a young age he's had the opportunity to fully jump into fly fishing and more over, fly tying.From such enthusiasm for the sport, has come the chances to work at several area fly shops, guiding and doing commercial tying. [...]

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